Smability, a start up founded in 2017, develops solutions that allow real-time monitoring of pollutant concentrations, with a high level of hyper resolution, at pedestrian level or street by street resolution.

More recently Sambility has worked for organizations such as Greenpeace, the German Cooperation GIZ, the Government of Mexico City and was recently awarded by the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (SECTEI in spanish) of Mexico City, to continue with the development of their solutions.

Capabilities of the monitoring solutions

Main features of solutions SMAA I & II are shown below:

  • Fixed and mobile modes for pollutants characterization
  • Cloud Platform (PDN) for consultation and visualization of data in real time.
  • 3G/4G cellular connectivity
  • Battery Life 11 hours for mobile mode
  • Connection to power source for fixed mode.
  • Ability to monitor (depends on the model SMAA I or II), CO, O3, PM2.5, (calculation of PM10), Temperature (°C), Relative Humidity (%) and geolocation (GPS).
  • Sampling time per variable every 5 seconds in mobile mode.

The following image shows the solutions SMAA I & SMAA II.

SMAA I (left); is capable of monitoring and georeferencing PM2.5, Temperature(°C) and Relative Humidity (%) and SMAA II (right), is capable of monitoring and georeferencing CO, O3, PM 2.5, (calculation of PM10), Temperature (° C) and Relative Humidity (%). 

Visualization of the Cloud Data Platform (CDP). The image below shows an example of PM2.5 monitoring inside transit along one of the main arteries of Mexico City.

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